From the grass roots to the United Nations

Join this 6 module course to learn how to be a successful representative who makes things happen. 

- what is representation

- getting your message clear

- places you might be and how to use them

- grass roots, to politics, to the United Nations

- making the most of your representative opportunity

- pitfalls

- following up, what happens afterward once you're back home? 

- succession planning

We don't all get the chance to represent our communities, being prepared is crucial to your success. 

Whether it's a grass roots action group, talking to the media, your regular executive level job, representing an organisation, politics or the United Nations, there are systems and processes you can put in place to make sure you use the forum you are in as effectively as possible.


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Christina Ryan
Christina Ryan

About the instructor

Meet the gardener of leaders. Christina Ryan is a leadership and executive coach for diversity outcomes. Good intentions are great, good outcomes are better!

For over 20 years Christina has been a leader in the Australian disability community, working at an international, national & local level to change the diversity agenda, while coaching numerous people with disabilities to their own leadership success. 

Christina founded the Disability Leadership Institute to create a professional hub for leaders with disabilities, so that Australia builds & supports its disability leaders. She hopes to see a growing presence of disability leaders across all sections of our community & a growing recognition of the expertise of leaders with disabilities.

Christina has held CEO, senior management & team leading positions across both government & non-government sectors for 25 years, is a high level strategic thinker & noted innovator, using design thinking & collaboration to build new approaches.

What's included?

12 Videos
9 Texts
18 PDFs

Course Curriculum

If you're ever wanted to represent your community, your organisation, your country, then this course is for you. 

Be prepared, be effective!

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